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Casa Elite Care Home Bed

Starting from £985.00

Prices excludes VAT - on delivery a VAT exemption form will need to be completed and signed.

Custom configurations offer a selection of wooden and metal side rail options with an integrated side rail locking safety mechanism. This range includes our patented dipped metal side rails, specifically designed for easy egress and ingress.
The Casa Elite Low has a height option available at just 19.2cm minimum height from the floor to the mattress platform; reducing the risk of a fall from height for vulnerable residents
A range of nursing functions available including cardiac chair positioning, auto contour and foot down tilt (Reverse Trendelenburg)
Attractive, domestic appearance with a choice of three wood finishes to compliment any interior. Standard wood finish is Beech.
A range of interchangeable accessories available, including side rails, grab handles and padding systems
The manual calf lift ratchet option can be specified at the point of ordering, which provides lower leg elevation
Optional bed platform extension accommodates taller individuals by increasing the length by 16cm. Extended side rails are also available (wooden or metal) to be used in conjunction with the platform extension to support and provide safe, comfortable and dignified care
Modular head and footboard design facilitates efficient repair and replacement of the head and footboards, reducing product downtime during service and maintenance.
Intuitive and easy to use 9 button handset is provided as standard with the Casa Elite. The handset includes a lock-out facility to prevent unauthorised use for additional patient safety. An optional 10 button handset for head down tilt (Trendelenburg) positioning is available, allowing a tilt of 11° if prescribed for an individuals clinical needs
Quick and easy, single personal installation, requiring only an Allen key (supplied and attached to the bed frame)
The bed can be disassembled when not in use and stored on transport stands enabling safe and compact storage
Easy to manouvre with 7.5cm braked castors

Designed and developed for the nursing and residential care environment; the Casa Elite Care Home beds provide safety features for both residents and carers combined with an attractive appearance. This range of four section electrical profiling beds with adjustable head, foot and knee sections support effective resident care. The Casa Elite offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits which can reduce potential complications of immobility.

The Casa Elite is available as a standard or a low model; both bed variants allow the bed to be raised/lowered to a height such that a carer's posture is closer to neutral for the moving and handling of patients.

Product Options: 

  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed without Wooden Side Rail Kit (Low)

  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed with Wooden Side Rail Kit (Low)

  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed without Wooden Side Rail Kit 

  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed with Wooden Side Rail Kit

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