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Transport Wheelchair has 4 small wheels
Aluminium Wheelchair, lighter to carry
Steel wheelchair. Heavier and more durable
Wheelchair Accessories, such as bags
Rental Wheelchairs. Rent for 1 day to up to a month


Q: What is a Transport Wheelchair? A: Fitted with four small wheels, rear wheels are fixed (do not swivel) and are equipped with brakes which can be engaged as the user enters or exit the chair. It requires the assistance of another person to push the chair from behind. They are Lightweight and easy to store, the chair is designed to fold compactly in size. They also have Narrow frames allow the chair to easily pass through most doors and aisles

Q: What is a Self-Propelled wheelchair? A: It is fitted with four wheels, two small front wheels and two larger rear tires topped with rotating handrails. Self-propelling, hand rims on rear wheels allow users to push themselves forward.

Q: What is the difference between Aluminium and Steel Wheelchairs? A: The difference between them is the material that they are made from. If you want a lightweight portable wheelchair, aluminium wheelchair would be a better choice for you. If you don’t need it to be lightweight, a steel wheelchair may be a better option as they are slightly more durable.

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