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Modern sporty design brings out the real personality of the Vita S. At home and confident, on or off the beaten path enabling you to explore where you want, the possibilities are endless. A choice of Jet Black Metallic or Indigo Blue Matte with sporty red accents, highlighting the athletic character of the Vita S, so your scooter can be just like you, one of a kind.

Comfort is achieved with a fully supportive, adjustable and rotating seat whilst an adjustable tiller and ergonomic handlebars give you the control and confidence to venture, explore and roam wherever you want. Drive your Vita S using only your fingertips or thumbs with either hand and safely adjust your speed up to 8 miles an hour with easy to use controls.

Full suspension, alloy wheels, led daylight running lights and powerful headlights

TGA - Vita S

PriceFrom £4,595.00
  • Prices excludes VAT - on delivery a VAT exemption form will need to be completed and signed.

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