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Mobility Scooters

We have a wide range of Mobility Scooters. Look out for the 'Demo Available' tag, these are the Scooters that we have in our shop and can be booked for a demonstration either in store or at your home.

  We cover the area of Woolwich (and surrounding areas) for Mobility Scooter demonstrations.


Q: What is a Travel Scooter? A: a travel scooter is perfect for driving a short journey, and most can be taken apart and placed in your car with ease. Average range will depend on the size of the batteries. They have a speed limit of 4MPH

Q: Why choose a Pre-owned Scooter? A: We offer a wide range of Pre-owned Scooters. Buying a new scooter sometimes isnt financially viable for some people, or you might think why pay more when a pre-owned scooter is just as good. All of our Pre-owned Scooters recieve

Q: What is a Pavement Scooter? A: If you are looking to go a little further, the Pavement Scooter may be a better choice. They do not come apart, so it is not as easy to transport in a normal road car. They have a speed limit of 4MPH. Average range will depend on the size of the batteries

Q: How often should I charge my Mobility Scooter? A: Your mobility scooter should be charged after every use. If you are not using your mobility scooter for long periods of time then you should place it on charge once a week to maintain good battery health.

Q: What is a Road Legal Scooter? A: The biggest mobility scooter range. As the name suggests these scooters can be driven in the road, but also on pavement. Ideal for those who plan on doing a lot of driving on different terrain. Speedlimit from 6MPH - 8MPH Average range will depend on the size of the batteries.

Q: How often should I have my Scooter serviced and why do I need to service it? A: It is recommended that you service your scooter annually. A mobility scooter is essentially like a car, and just like a car it needs to be serviced to identify any small issues, that could have potentially turned into big issues. We also give the Scooter a full clean, so your scooter will also look amazing!

Q: What is a Folding Scooter? A: Folding mobility scooters offer all the benefits of traditional mobility scooters; however, the folding version allows you transport it easier. Speed limit of 4MPH Average range will depend on the size of the batteries.

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